Amboss Amboss Saphire 24x6 cm Steel Pan Glass Lid

Brand: Amboss
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The most practical way to cook your food in a short time and without losing its nutritional value is Amboss Saphire pan ! Each dish has its own pot, which it will cook deliciously.. Amboss Saphire pan; The capsule base, created using special alloyed aluminum, is suitable for all types of cookers and also contributes to more accurate cooking of your food by distributing the heat evenly in the pot. Amboss Saphire pan, 18/10 CR-Ni stainless steel body and unsharpened pot mouth hitting, falling etc. in cases it does not bend. Since it is produced using polishing technique, it does not become dull and abrasive due to detergent and pressurized water. Its large internal volume provides enough space to cook your food. It does not cause heat-related injuries with its non-heating handle and lid handle. Warranty: 2 years. All Amboss pans are CE certified.