Baggaj V209 ABS Small Grey Luggage

Brand: Baggaj
40485 Miles
24292 Miles
Including VAT but excluding delivery costs.

Cabin size suitcase is the best helper for your short, long, summer or winter trips. The most enjoyable part of holiday plans that start when weather gets warmer is to prepare your luggage. At this stage, Baggaj V209 cabin size suitcase will be your savior. Cabin size suitcase which protects your belongings safely thanks to its impact-resistant structure and encoded lock system is made from 100% ABS material that prevents your clothes from contact with liquid. 360 ° Rotating Wheel System (4-wheels) provides carrying your luggage indefatigably while encoded lock system ensure additional safety. There are few tips for preparing suitcase. Categorizing your belongings in order of importance allows you to prepare your suitcase in a faster and more practical way. Most effective way to use your luggage is placing compatible clothes in it. With fewer parts, you save from space and weight while meeting all your needs. You should also make sure taking cosmetics and medications besides your clothes. The second most important step in suitcase preparation is the placement of belongings; Placing your soft clothes with cotton or linen in a roll form will save you a lot of space.