Baggaj V341 Medium Grey Luggage

Brand: Baggaj
34732 Miles
20840 Miles
Including VAT but excluding delivery costs.

Always have enough space with baggage medium size suitcases! Whether planning a weekly holiday or a weekend for 2 people, medium size suitcases are always ideal for you. 100% ABS hard structure is resistant to breakage. Medium size suitcases are the best option for travel lovers who want lighter and larger capacity suitcases. You can comfortably use it in vehicle travel with size limitation during plane travel. With a zippered curtain, the compartment and the rubberized belt inside, your belongings will regularly stay in the suitcase without falling apart. Its easy-to-move and 360 ° swivel casters allow you to carry it comfortably without fatigue thanks to its durable butt-pulled, silicone-coated, lightweight yet sturdy telescopic handle. Thanks to its hard outer shell, it protects your belongings against impacts, crushing, scratching and contact with water. It provides maximum security for your medium sized luggage items that are locked thanks to the password you will set with the internal lock system.