BIGGHOME Cupcakel Hot Water Bottle

Brand: Bigghome
6739.73 Miles
6659 Miles

The plush hot water bottle is an excellent help to get rid of abdominal pain, back pain, muscle pain, and is essential for cold winter evenings! the hot water bag will warm you and your heart with its cutedesign!  With its artistic and creative design, the hot water bag is a fun option as a gift. After use, you can wash the removable sheath in a gentle wash at 30 ° C. Easy and practical use of the hot water bag helps you to relieve your pain and relax.  


Acrylic fabric hot water bag made of rubber material. 1.5 LT water intake capacity, design and stylish design. Check if leaks water or not before use. Dimensions: 17.5 cm Large: 28 cm