Ecocotton Sierra Terra Double Blanket, 100% Cotton Blanket

Brand: Ecocotton
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The raw materials used in the production of cotton textiles pass through many stages from the soil to the customer. During this process the use of chemicals represents 16% of chemical products produced worldwide. Even after multiple washes, some of these chemicals remain on the cotton and can be harmful to the body. Organic cotton is produced without using toxic materials. No genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers are used in Ecocotton Home Textile products, which have been certificated.


Our 100% Cotton Knit Blanket is made from scratch fabric and it is very soft and keeps it warm.

It's made of 100% cotton and organic substances. It is safe, natural and soft.

Produced in high quality standards, our product is shipped in original box and package.


• 100% Knitted Cotton Bed Cover

• Size: 220x240 cm

• After washing, no color fading and damages in fabric.