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BiggTea Double Wall Glass 360 Ml

7319.71 Miles 7240 Miles

Goldmaster GM-7351 Passion Filter Coffee Machine

You will love the Goldmaster GM-7351 Passion Filter Coffee Machine, which you can obtain fast and delicious whenever you want Filter Coffee. With Take & Go Travel Glass, you can take your fresh coffee, which can be prepared in just 4 minutes every morning. The user-friendly coffee machine with its easy-to-clean washable filter will be the star of your kitchen.

220-240V 650W-750W Performance
Take & Go Travel Glass
450 ml water tank
Easy to clean and washable filter
Quick coffee in 4 minutes
Safe start button

20165 Miles

Korkmaz A060 Gusto Tea Pot Set

The secret of a freshly brewed, delicious cup of tea is Korkmaz Gusto Teapot. Tea has a huge role in our lives; breakfasts, chit-chats, after dinner... In order to brew a good tea, a good teapot is a must. Korkmaz Çintemani Gusto stainless steel teapot allows you to brew the tea you want in the most delicious way. Korkmaz Gusto Tea pot stainless steel teapot, which completes your kitchen decoration with its elegant design, meets all your expectations both in terms of appearance and functionality. Made of recyclable materials so it is eco-friendly. the Solar Base base allows  high thermal conductivity. You can easily clean the pot, so you can save energy and time. Scratch Resistent.

  • 1.1 It. / 2.0 It
  • 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.
  • polished exterior surfaces
  • Ergonomic 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless steel handle. 

18562 Miles

Korkmaz A1040 Rosanna Cooking Pot Set 8 Pieces

For those who are the chefs of their own kitchen,Cookware Korkmaz Rosanna Cooking Pot Set is the greatest assistant. The capsule base provides high heat conductivity and offers high cooking performance.Thanks to the glass lid with colander, you can easily filter the water after boiling your food such as pasta and vegetables with the cookware set which does not require an additional colander. The Korkmaz cookware, which elegantly completes the decoration of your kitchen, meets all your expectations with its appearance and functionality.

Stainless steel cookware set is dishwasher safe. Clean with detergant before first use. Hard metal brushes should not be used to clean pots and lids.

61319 Miles

Korkmaz A1217 Tombik Coffee Pot Set

Specifications: * 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel * Special design, heat-absorbing handles * Carefully polished exterior that maintains brightness * Dishwasher safe * Capacity: For 3 - 4 - 5 cups

11985 Miles

Korkmaz A213 Çintemani Tea Pot Rose Gold

Çay saatlerinizin vazgeçilmezi ve yıldızı olacak olan özel rengiyle göz kamaştırıcı bu çaydanlık setini çok seveceksiniz. 

1.1 It. / 2.0 It​
18/10 Cr-Ni Paslanmaz Çelik
Parlaklığını koruyan özenle polisajlanmış dış yüzeyler.
Ergonomik ve el yakmayan 18/10 Cr-Ni Paslanmaz çelik sap.
Alt çaydanlıkta buhar kesme kapakçığı mevcuttur.

19020 Miles

Korkmaz A460-05 4 Blades Chopper Rosa Gold

Specifications: * Motor Power: 900 W , Capacity: 1250 ml * Stainless Steel 4 Blades, Glass Chamber * Ergonomic design * Safety feature that prevents touching blades * Color: Rose Gold

21303 Miles

Korkmaz A473 Tria Kettle 1,6 Lt.

The electric kettle, Korkmaz Tria, which is one of the most frequently used electronic devices in the kitchens, is in your home with maximum efficiency. The heater, which you will love to use safely and practically, stands out with its energy saving.

22673 Miles

Korkmaz A811-01 Tosteme Maxi Toast Machine Rosa Gold

Specifications: * 100% Aluminum casting grill * Toasting and Grilling Feature * Capacity: 6 - slice, 1800 Watt, * Automatic heat control provides saving energy * 2 Oil collection tank, fire proof - nonstick removable aluminum casting grill, Curved cast aluminum grates for easy oil flow * Multi-purpose cooking and frying function * Grill grids can easily be removed and cleaned

33637 Miles

Korkmaz A860-06 Kahvekolik Coffeee Machine Rosagold/Chrome

After a long and exhausting day a cup of coffee is all you need to take your tiredness.With  Korkmaz Kahvekolik Turkish coffee machine you will make the most delicious Turkish cofeee in a fast way. The anti-overflow sensor and automatic protection sytem of dehydration provide maximum safety. The durable stainless steel coffee pot allows you to cook up to 4 cups of Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee machine, which saves time and energy with its automatic coffee setting, turns off automatically when your delicious coffee is ready. The pleasant design of Korkmaz Turkish coffee machine adds elegance to your kitchen. 

32266 Miles