Nektar 10010700 Compass with Karabiner

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Compass for nature lovers nectar, black pepper, open field activity of all your life's saving. After you determine which helps you to find your direction Compass is a great companion with its lightweight design and small... Follow the compass and place it on a flat surface, the colored end of the needle, will always point to the North. Finding your direction affected by the notice to quit compass away from the electronics. Thanks to the Carabinieri at the end of the design, easily mounted to your belt or bag with a compass, finding your way is very easy. Mountaineering, hiking, helps you to discover the surroundings of activities such as camping, map reading and navigational skills also develops. The raw material is manufactured from solid metal Compass black pepper. Degree marks, cardinal points, direction lines, and direction arrows, there are easily rotatable dial has a sensitive display. Phosphorus, which is suitable for night use black pepper with details Compass helps you find your way easily even in the dark.