Nektar Blanket

Brand: Nektar
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Warm warmth is waiting for you with Nektar outdoor blanket that warms you in cold weather. While watching movies or lying on the couch, you can take a blanket on top of you or you can use it in cool evenings when the campfire is not enough to heat. You can use the Nektar outdoor blanket to warm up and warm up on an evening in the garden, at the campsite, on the beach, or to color and differentiate your living rooms. Knitted blanket made of 100% acrylic fabric gives you a light feeling with its soft texture. Blankets to accompany your cold winter nights are not too thick and heavy structure, thus providing ease of movement. The blanket with PVC arched handle helps to carry comfortably on your travels. Nectar blanket does not harden and pull after washing and maintains its softness on the first day. Can be washed by hand or in washing machine with plenty of water at 30 ° C. Outdoor blanket, which is a great alternative to gift to your campmates, is also very ambitious about being indispensable of travels!