Pilsan Model Blocks Set

Brand: Pilsan
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IMPROVE SKILLS: Pilsan is a fun and educational toy for preschoolers that supports the development of children's hand-eye coordination and thus motor skills.
AGE RANGE: Suitable for girls and boys between the ages of 12-18 months.
22 PIECES: Pilsan model block toy cars, which attract children's attention with 4 different vehicles consisting of 22 parts, allow the appearance of the vehicles with stickers that can be affixed on them.
THE MOST COLORFUL GAME FRIEND: Children; blue, red, green, yellow colors using 22 tracks, race cars, trains, aircraft will be able to do.
PRODUCT FEATURES: It is produced from raw material which does not contain carcinogenic substances and is suitable for children's health. Size: 15x25x23,50 cm